Welcome to the COW Metagame. The Metagame provides an interesting bakdrop to the Catan board and card games and encourages cooperation within social groups as cities compete against each other for the title of Captial of Catan.

If you are new to COW you may want to take some time to understand how the metagame works and what is involved in help

Learning about the Catan Online World (COW) Metagame

The best place to start is the excellent visual guide and you may also like to read the more detailed overview of life in the Catan world.

For the complete set of COW instructions see COW Playing instructions.

A number of changes have been made for the third game period starting October 13th 2010, including important changes to the barbarian attacks. For further information on how to ensure that you protect your personal assets from attack, you should understand these changes for period 3

Playing the Metagame in Katimavik Bay

Once you understand how the metagame works please take time to read the KB COW Citizen Strategy Guide. This contains tips designed to help you maximize your resource production and explains how you can support the city's security and expansion strategy, helping to build and defend our commununity.

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