Katimavik Bay Book a Game

Want to play a game but can't find anyone to play with? Can you only play at certain hours? Tired of waiting 15 minutes to get a game going? Then try KB's Book a game feautre!

Games marked with NEWBIE are meant for new players. The host has agreed to help teach you the game, but it is still a good idea to READ INSTRUCTIONS FOR THAT GAME before playing.

Simply enter your name and the time you want to play in the box or put your name beside someone else who has booked. The first player on the list is responsible for hosting and opening that game at the given time.

In order to enter your name and time eg(your name-5pm) - follow these simple instructions:

a) Click on the Edit box at the bottom of the page - you will now see words and symbols all over the page - DON'T LET THIS SCARE YOU!
b) Under the Date column enter your name - type it in beside the "||" symbol.
c) If the symbols go out of alignment then delete extra spaces or add them - it is not critical to be exact.
d) Click on the Preview box to see your handy work.
e) Click on the Save button to finish.

2010 Name Preferred Day Preferred Time
Multi Catan
Hoity Toity
Desert Sons
Rivals Themes
Rivals - Duel
Cities and Knights
Your Choice
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