Katimavik Bay City Strategy Overview

Active Citizen

This is the key concept that defines the population factor used for all formulas.

Citizens who received at least 15 resources (not gold or coins) during the last 4 weeks are "Active Citizens."

The implication is that they are actively upgrading house or spending resources because for most their storage would fill up and they would get no more resources.

Resource Generation

  1. Daily resource: Every day at 19.00 hours CE(S)T you receive a resource according to your profession
  2. Bonus resources: Every week you can earn extra resources by playing and winning games:

* If you play 1-4 games per week, you receive an additional resource
* If you play more than 4 games per week, you receive an additional resource
* If you win 1-2 games per week, you receive an additional resource
* If you win more than 2 games per week, you receive an additional resource

House expansion

Resource production increases when certain house levels are reached.

Level Culture Points avg Donations per day
1 - 4 0 1
5 - 7 1.2
8 - 11 1.5

To upgrade from level 3 to 5: costs 13 resources and produces over 1 month 6 resources extra,

To upgrade from level 5 to 8 costs 35 resources and produces 9 more over 1 month.

Increasing a house level costs mainly wood and brick and some ore. The best professions to generate these are lumberjack and brickmaker.

City Expansion

The more Active Citizens a city has, the more expensive an expansion becomes.

Active Citizens factor = 15 + 0,8 * (Number of Active Citizens - 15)

  • Number of donations required = 2 * Active Citizen factor
  • Number of resources required = 6 * Active Citizen factor

The cost is determined at the beginning of expansion and will not go up. We should start an expansion immediately.

The relative benefits of the various city expansions are explained on our Building Expansions page.

One city expansion donation costs 1 brick 1 wood and 1 ore.

Culture Value

Making a city expansion, increasing house or clothes level, purchasing pets or upgrading gardens all generate Culture points for the city. see here for values.

Barbarian Attacks

The Barbarian will first attack in 60 days. The cities whose danger value is above the median value of all cities will lose 1 city expansion on all buildings and citizens will lose 1 level of clothes and housing.

\begin{align} Danger value = (Culture value Buildings + Culture value Active Citizens) \over Protection value \end{align}

Protection value: Sum of all donations to the City Guard made by the citizens (incl. City Wall). The protection value of a city has to be renewed after every barbarian attack.

Culture value Buildings: Sum of the culture points of all common building of the city.

Culture value Active Citizens: Average number of Premium users during the last 4 weeks.

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