City Council To Do List


  1. ensure new council members have wiki accounts
  2. talk to key citizens 1 to 1 to encourage to participate
  3. complete transition with DH in terms of duties and tools (mail capability etc …)
  4. ask people to contribute questions to survey
  5. ask people to make suggestions for mission statement
  6. Propose in COW Forum that minimum to participate in riddle, dice or tounames should be 30% of AC rather than 15
  7. Create profile for Council Members
  8. Document links and tools so somepne could easily take over if mayor is absent
  9. post forum message of congratulations for new cities
  10. post forum message of congraulations to new champions and other cities winning honours
  11. set up vote for first building expansion
  12. participate in mayor forum regularly
  13. update city COW Strategy Guide to take into account changes for new game period
  14. update buildings expansions document


  1. ensure welcome letters sent out
  2. send out link to FAQ


  1. devise defence strategy for first period
  2. participate in deputy mayor forum regularly
  3. write proposal to formalise council voting
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