Katimavik Bay Metagame Citizen Strategy Guide


The Catan Online World (COW) metagame offers a rich variety of experiences. The "official" goal of the game is to become capital of catan, the city with the most culture points. The city gets culture points when you:

  1. make a city expansion donation
  2. upgrade your house
  3. upgrade your clothes
  4. buy plants or a pet

To do this you need to earn resources.

Katimavic Bay's goal for the game can be summarized as

Play often, Play well, Have fun

The last point of course being the most important.

In the metagame all citizens play as a team. Exactly how much time you spend in the metagame and what you do is of course completely up to you. You should know though that all city building costs are related to the number of active citizens, who have received 15 resources in the last 4 weeks, so from a city point of view it is better to play the game fully or not play at all.

There's no point playing a game if you're not having fun.


To work effectively as a team we need to have a common goal and strategy. The strategy is decided by the Council and citizens are informed through a combination of the KB wiki and direct communication through COW.

Our Goals

Our goal is to maximise growth whilst at the same time ensuring that we are able to defend what we build.

Our Strategy

To do this we want to be smart on how we increase culture points and focus on building up defensive capabilities. In the early stages of the game we concentrate on city expansions which will either generate additional resources for our city (eg the Town Hall and the Library) or enhance our defences (eg the Arsenal and the wall). The exact order is open to discussion and will be decided by Council.

As a citizen, you can best contribute to our goals by doing the following:

  1. Make as many city donations as possible in the first couple of weeks of the game. The faster we complete our initial city expansions, the more revenue we will be able to generate for our city and our citizens. For example, once the Town Hall is upgraded we will receive 12 additional gold for the city each week and once the Library is upgraded each citizen who wins three games in one week will receive gold.
  2. Upgrade your own house as quickly as possible to Level 5 as this will give you more storage and generate additional resouces.
  3. Do NOT upgrade your clothing, or purchase pets or gardens during the early stages of the game. These actions do not generate any additional income but simply increase your personal and the city danger value, making it more costly to defend. There will be plenty of opportunity to upgrade clothing, gardens and pets at a later stage, once we are in stronger position for defence.
  4. Ensure you make city guard donations in line with your personal expansion. Rule changes for the new game period mean that individuals stand to lose their personal housing and clothing if they fail to donate to defence in direct proportion to their personal growth.
  5. Get on the monthly player list so that we don't waste any gold given to the top 5 of those of have played each of the ten selected games at least 7 times per month. If you don't know all the games visit the Games section for help.
  6. Get to Market! The market is open every three hours and regular visits will make it easier to trade for the right combination of resources to build. If in doubt, take gold as this can be trade for any resource on a 1:1 basis.
  7. Play the Riddle, the dice games and the fortnightly tournaments. We can generate further gold for the city if we can get at least 15 players playing these games regularly.

General Strategy

if you want to play the game to the fullest, here are some tips on what you can do:

Generate Resources

You want to generate as many resources as you can


You receive resources every day based on the level of your house

Level Avg Resources per day
1 - 4 1
5 - 7 1.2
8 - 11 1.5
12-14 1.8

TIP: Be aware of how much storage you have left in your house . Once it is down to zero you no longer receive your hard earned resources. It is better a city or guard donation than risk losing your resources. If in doubt, you can always try to trade for gold or coins as each individual can also store up to 25 gold and 100 coins in their house.


Every week you get rewarded in a variety of ways the more you play and the more you win:

  • If you play 1-4 games per week, you receive an additional resource
  • If you play more than 4 games per week, you receive an additional resource
  • If you win 1-2 games per week, you receive an additional resource
  • If you win more than 2 games per week, you receive an additional resource

Once we upgrade the library you will also get a gold for winning 3 games (level 2) and 5 games (level 3),


TOP 5 Monthly list

Each city is given 60 gold a month to give to the top 5 players who have played 7 times or more the following games. For many games we don't even have 5 players who have played seven times. Play 7 times and you're on the list. If you finish in the top 5 you get one gold (2 for first place).

Basic game
Tournament game
Catan Expansion
Hoity Toity
Desert sons
Cities & Knights

Play the Catan Dice Game

Read our Catan Dice Game strategy Guide to learn how to get a high score.

With 1 level of expansion for the Assembly Hall, the village with the highest average wins 1 WHOLE building expansion!

How should you spend your Resources

It would probably be more efficient to tell you exactly what to do with all your resources to give optimum benefit to the city and easier to just let you go your own way, but since this is a canadian city we're suggesting something in-between. You are of course free to do what you want with your resources but we ask that you make regular city expansion donations, particularly in the first few weeks of the game period.

Make regular city expansion donations

Investing in city expansion will generate additional resources for you (through the Library and Town Hall), improve trade options (through the Market and the Bank) and help to defend your assets (through the Arsenal and the Wall). The faster we can get these buildings upgraded, the faster we can develop as a city and as individuals.

Upgrade your house before your clothes

Upgrading your house to levels 5, 8 ,or 11 increases your daily resource production, whilst upgrading clothing only increases your danger value, which you then need to pay to defend.

Other Useful Info

Choosing an occupation

If you are unsure which occupation to take we recommend lumberjack, brickmaker or smith. This will increase the likelihood that you will have the right resources for building in the earlier stages, though you may need to trade for wool and wheat for city guard donations.


The beggar no longer gives clothes or house upgrades! You now lose your hard earned resources in the long run by contributing ! STAY AWAY !


Remember also that if you don't have the resources you need you can always try to trade them every three hours at the Market from noon to noon everyday.

Trading resources with other citizens

You can also trade resources 1:1 with other citizens by clicking on the trade button in the menu. You can usually arrange trades at the market or through the city skype chat. When you see your fellow citizens in the town, you should be able to tell which trade they have by the colour of their name and this will give you a good indication of whether they are likely to have the resources you need.

Colour Profession
Green Lumberjack
Brown Brickmaker
Grey Smith
Yellow Miller
White Shepherd
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