Katimavik Bay Monthly Gold List

What are the Monthly Gold Lists?

The monthly gold lists are lists which rank each players score over a range of different games against citizens from the same village. The top five players in each of the twelve different games earns gold for each placing, with the top player in each category earning two gold. Placing top in each of the twelve categories can earn you 24 gold each month!

How do I make the List?

In order to be ranked on the list, you have to play at least 7 games in the relevant category. This will place you on the list and whether you win gold will then depend on where you place. However, because Katimavik Bay is such a small city, we rarely have five people placed on all twelve lists. The lists for popular games such as CK and Multicatan are very competitive, whereas the places on less popular games such as Desert Sons, Hoity Toity, Domaine and Elasund are rarely filled. It is extremely difficult to make the list in Basic because that list tends to be dominated by non-premium players.

What Games are included?

The twelve categories currently included are:

  1. Basic Game
  2. Cities and Knights: includes any of the expansion versions which involve cities and knights
  3. Catan Expansion: includes all of expansion versions (eg Oceana, Treasure Islands, Desert Riders, Greater Catan etc) which don't involve cities and knights
  4. Multi Catan
  5. Rivals Theme Play: includes the three theme games (Era of Progress, Era of Turmoil and Era of Gold) in the Rivals for Catan card games
  6. ** Rivals Duel:The duel version of the Rivals of Catan card game
  7. Rivals Tournament: The tournament version of the Rivals of Catan card game
  8. Card Game:** Any basic or theme game in the old Catan card game (found in the card tavern)
  9. Old Tournament: The tournament version of the old Catan card game (found in the card tavern)
  10. Desert Sons
  11. Domaine
  12. Elasund
  13. Hoity Toity

How can I learn these games?

If you don't know how to play all these games you should visit our games page where you can access the Prof Easy tutorials and read strategy guides prepared by experienced players. Or contact waterboy or Vixter, either of whom would be happy to host a learning session.

How can I see whether I'm on the List?

Click on the scroll to the right of the door on the tavern and choose "game statistics" then "monthly lists". Use the drop down menus to select the game category, the city and the month and then click "go". You should then see the current rankings for our city for any particular game, but remember to click "go" to refresh the screen each time you choose a category. Please also remember that your name will not appear on the list at all until you have played at least 7 games in the respective category.

Rankings for January 2012

current KB Citizens in bold

Category First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Basic KreuzRitter Mindcircus Pediatron Sl33mans PetrSvoboda
Cities and Knights Pediatron KreuzRitter Apollo56 Candan Kelly123
Catan Expansion KreuzRitter settlersteve macderfel chickens Poutine
Multi Catan Xalvion Vixter Poutine Snail_Gary KreuzRitter
Rivals Themeplay Mindcircus Vixter KreuzRitter MiaRoberts Vancouvergirl
Rivals Duel Mindcircus KreuzRitter Vancouvergirl MiaRoberts theguy
Rivals Tournament Mindcircus Vancouvergirl Cloudie Vixter MiaRoberts
Card Game
Domaine IslandWonder Poutine ddcbc Vixter KreuzRitter
Desert Sons Vixter IslandWonder huttwo1965 Xalvion
Elasund settlersteve Islandwonder Kelly123 DetLionsFan Vixter
Hoity Toity nikkio KreuzRitter Vixter
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