KB Council Meeting 3 October 2010


  1. Introductions: let's get to know each other a bit better
  2. Goals: what are our goals, values mission statemente
  3. Process: how do we want to play the game
  4. Tools: skype, wiki, survey, forum
  5. Potential Roles: deputy mayor, minister of communication, minister of defense, dice coordinator, riddle coordinator,
  6. Short term objectives


waterboy, Vixter, Fleet, Pourpreclair, Panduhman, gootchums

Meeting Summary

  1. It was agreed that everybody had different goals and that we needed to try to find a way to cater to the needs of all players. The aim was to ensure that everybody had fun, whilst trying to keep the City as competitive as possible within the wider metagame.
  2. There was a lot of discussion about how best to reach citizens with communications. We want to try to improve the wiki as a tool but it was felt that the most effective way to reach the majority was through the Catan mail system, with links to important information in the wiki and forum etc.
  3. It was agreed that Fleet should act as First Deputy Mayor but there was insuffucient time to discuss other potential roles.
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