KB Council Meeting 12 October 2010


  • MOTION: Vixter to take on role of Minister of Communication, and Second Deputy Mayor
  • MOTION: We should create the following roles: Minister of Defence, Dice Master, Riddle Masster, Tournament Meister, Chief Greeter, ambassador. Looking for volunteers. Job descriptions to follow.
  • Discuss and approve draft defence strategy before start of new game period
  • MOTION: Need to determine first building expansion for new game period
  • MOTION: Use tournaments next game period to develop strategy guide for each game. Have 4 person practice games for those who want to. Tounament Meister to coordinate.
  • MOTION: ALL Premium players may participate in council meetings and vote on everything but city expansions.


waterboy, Vixter, Panduhman, gootchums, n3wf (joined later)

Meeting Summary

  1. It was agreed that Vixter would act as Minister of Communications and second Deputy Mayor.
  2. It was also agreed that Fleet should act as Minister of Defence and that gootchums would act as Riddle Master. More volunteers are required to fill additional roles. In the meantime, Vixter would take on the greeting and waterboy would ensure he fulfilled the role of Ambassador. It was also agreed that we needed to have an Embassy page in the Forum for other cities to post messages.
  3. There was discussion on whether there was a need for a City Hero and it was agreed that this should be considered by Fleet as part of the defence strategy.
  4. There was discussion on possible building expansions but it was difficult to reach a conclusion without reviewing the relative benefits of the different buildings. It was agreed that waterboy would review the numbers and that a discussion and vote would take place during the forthcoming week.
  5. It was agreed that we should put more effort in tournaments, including holding coaching sessions and upgrading strategy guides during the two weeks preceding each tournament. But we still needed a tournament coordinator to take on this role.
  6. There was discussion of whether the wiki was the best means of communication. It was decided that this should be an agenda item for next week's meeting.
  7. There was discussion of the possibility of using city gold to encourage people to play the dice and riddle games. It was agreed to consider this option once the city had fulfilled its immediate building objectives.
  8. It was agreed that all premium players should be invited to participate in council meetings and any discussions on the development of the city, although only current Council Members can vote on building expansions.
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