KB Council Meeting 24 October 2010


  1. What are goals of the City ?
  2. Discussion of best means of communication with Citizens
  3. Discussion of Defence and growth Strategy
  4. micro survey to all premium users

1 what 3 goals in priority order would you like to achieve in the games or metagame over the remaining5+ months
2 What can the City do to make your Catan playing experience more enjoyable ?


waterboy, Fleet, Vixter

Meeting Summary

  1. There was long debate on goals of City and the feeling was that it would be difficult to come up with a common objective. It was agreed that we needed to find a way to deliver "something for everybody" and make sure that everybody enjoyed their playing experience. The general consensus was that if we could do this by finding the right balance between growth which would facilitate building and trading and defence to ensure that people didn't lose their clothng and housing.
  2. There was insufficient time and not enough attendance to discuss communication in any detail.
  3. Discussion of defence and growth strategy focussed on how to try to deliver best opportunities to growth to everybody (regardless if their preference was for housing, clothing, pets, gardens) whilst making sure we had enough to defend. It was agreed that we should aim to build a second level of the arsenal before the first barbarian attack, but that we should also be able to build two additional growth expansions. Discussion focussed on whether to build the market or the town hall first, and it was eventually agreed to recommend the town hall as the next expansion because the longer we delayed building that the less benefit we would derive for the same cost. The aim would then be to use some of the additional gold to speed up further expansions. Having additional gold would also prove valuable if we need to make last minute guard donations.
  4. It was agreed that we would send out a small micro survey along the questions set out in the agenda in order to try to gauge the feelings of citizens. This could then be reviewed to help us make informed decisions about what the city could hope to achieve.
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