Katimavik Bay City Tournament

Katimavik Bay is planning on hosting its first ever in-city tournament over the weekend of 11-13 March. We think this will be a great way of bringing to life the city motto of "Play Often, Play Well, Have Fun" and it is also a means of bringing our city together so that we can get to know our fellow citizens. We will also be distributing any remaining city gold after the attack, so participants wishing to push for those final housing upgrades, those natty clothes, or a pretty garden, have a chance to grab some serious gold to help with their endeavours.

In order to ensure that everybody has a chance to play, the tournament will be open at specific times throughout the weekend. Players can play as often as they want, and their best three scores over the course of the weekend will determine their ranking. The top ranked player in the city will receive five gold, the next five players three gold, the following five players two gold and all other participants one gold.

Anybody can enter the tournament on the weekend, but if you would like to have a say in which game will be played, or the best times for the tournament to take place, please register your interest in the table below, stating your first, second and third preference from the following six options by Wednesday at the latest.

  • Cities and Knights
  • Through the Desert
  • Desert Riders
  • Heading for New Shores
  • Oceana CK
  • Treasure Islands

Confirmation of the game to be played, together with the scoring system for ranking, will be issued on Thursday.

Name First Choice Second Choice Third Choice Best Time Slots
Vixter Through the Desert Cities and Knights Desert Riders Anytime
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